LHS Class of 1960

1957 to 1958 Season
Reserve Team, high resolution photograph
1958 to 1959 Season
Thurman Wright Coach of Year and he is leaving for Earlham College
Varsity Team (high resolution photograph) Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference Champions
EIAC Standings Part way through the season
Wampus Cats Face Two Toughies when they invade the Lewisville Bears Den and the Straughn Indians Tepee
Sectional games, Thursday night Cambridge City vs Centerville and Economy vs Whitewater
Friday Night Wins, Cambridge City and Richmond win in the sectional games
Reserve Team, high resolution photograph
Parents Honor Wampus Cats Team with a steak dinner at the end of the season
1959 to 1960 Season
Season Opener, Articles
Varsity Team, high resolution photograph
Wampus Cats close regular season with 15‐5 record and getting ready for the sectional, by Paul Seffrin. Also a period movie ad.
Pictures and stats of the upcoming sectional teams and advertisements from the February 23, 1960 newspaper
Newspaper article discussing the upcoming sectional games and the contest pairings
Sectional games, Friday night Richmond - Williamsburg and Milton - Centerville
Sectional games, Saturday Boston - Webster and Hagerstown - Milton Sectional
Sectional games, Saturday night Richmond - Cambridge City. Seffrin upset at the officiating
Basketball Mob Scene after East Chicago Washington Won the State Championship
Miscellaneous Files
seffrin says: Article about Paul Seffrin
Eighth Grade Basketball Team 1955 to 1956
Lincoln High School undefeated team in 1952
Article about Wampus Cat Memorabilia given to Lincoln High School
"Old" Wampus Cats and Sharpshooters play in Old Timers' Tourney for a Benefit in 1976
"Old" Wampus Cats and Sharpshooters play again in Old Timers' Tourney for a Benefit in 1993
Cliff Swim To Become Basketball Coach At Centerville High School (Brother of Gerald Swim)
​New Paris Booster League Champs - Members of the Tri-County Excavating team picture
Oscar Robinson the "Big O" 1958 Player of the Year

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1960 to 1961 Season
Last Cambridge City Wampus Cats Sectional Winner and an article and information about Dwight Tallman