LHS Class of 1960

Fall of 1957 Football Team, Coach Duff's First Year Out of College
Hagerstown - Cambridge City Football Game Roster on 10/22/1957
1959 Callout for the football team
Fall of 1959 Football Team (high resolution picture) and the results of the Anderson Highland game
Cats - Greyhounds, results of the Brookville Greyhounds game
Dad's Night 1959 and the results of the Lakota, Ohio Game
Homecoming Queen and game against Hagerstown
Wampus Kittens team statistics
Fall of 1960 Football Team high resolution picture can be viewed at 200%

Football Photos of Jim Eckart and Buzz Duff​
Football Playbook pretty much the same for each year

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seffrin says: Article about Paul Seffrin
Old Football Picture 1953/54 or the 1954/55 team in practice jerseys